NCCB News for tomorrows rehearsals...please read

Evening NCCB Parents and Students,

Rehearsal for the level 3,4 BOYS was added into the schedule for tomorrow morning. Please have them come to the studio at 9:30am to get into costume and rehearsal will start at 10am for them.

A reminder to everyone: please make sure to wear or bring your nude leotard to change into so you are able to put on the costumes.

Also, don't forget that EVERYONE in level 4 and higher has to wear DEODORANT tomorrow before putting on any costumes. There is no time to wash costumes before the shows and we need to be considerate if we are sharing costumes that we keep them clean and smelling fresh. :)

**Make sure that those of you not coming to class come at least 10 minutes early to put on your costume so that we can start on time.

***All parent volunteers that will be helping for levels pre-ballet through level 3 in either the afternoon or evening performance please stay for rehearsals and help the dancers get into costumes. This is important to come to so you know what they are wearing and if they need to have any headpieces on and how to pin them exactly since there will be no demonstration or rehearsal with costumes again until the day of the show.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you,