Rehearsal and class schedule for week of May 27-June 1

Good Evening NCCB Parents and Students,

We are into our last few days before our big performance on Saturday. The schedule has changed this week. Please make sure ALL dancers come to ALL scheduled rehearsals for their levels.

**Please take note that ALL classes have been cancelled on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week.

We will have classes on Wednesday for kids & adults this week...

Last Saturday we had a full rehearsal and we will have 3 again this week starting tomorrow. The studio was left a disaster and full of food, drinks, wrappers, etc.. Some waters were also left leaking water on the ground near the headpieces...

It is not my job nor the job of the Tchekachev's to pick up after any of the dancers. If they are not able to put their food in the garbage and clean up after themselves we will no longer allow food in the studio especially near the costumes which have taken months to make. We have full show rehearsals this week and would like to be able to allow everyone to eat a snack but we need everyone to do their part and clean up! Please talk to your dancer about cleaning up after themselves if they eat in the studio. If they spill something please get napkins from the bathroom and wipe it up immediately.

Friday will be our stage rehearsal at Palomar College at the Howard Brubeck Theater. We will begin with the pre-ballet through Level 3 students. We realize they are our youngest performers so we will get them in and out of rehearsals as quickly as possible.

I sent an email earlier with check-ins and check-outs for both the rehearsal on Friday and performance day on Saturday from Larissa. Please make sure you read that email so you know what we are doing this year that we have not done in years past.

We will need volunteers to stay with our dancers backstage at Friday nights rehearsal as well as volunteers to man the check-in desk for the dancers. Those parents that have not signed up to volunteer on Saturday yet this would be a good opportunity to help with something on Friday. If you are helping on Saturday backstage you are more than welcome if you like to help on Friday night backstage as well. We welcome all the help!

If you want to help Friday, please email me asap so that I can let Larissa know so she can make badges for those extra helpers. If you have not signed up to help at all on Saturday we ask that you please sign up for something. We need all parents of the participants to volunteer. We still are in need of someone to sell flowers/gifts in the lobby before, at intermission and after each of the performances. If you don't know how to sign up via the sign up genius I sent

you can also just email me.

We are able to have these shows but only with the help of all the parents. We love being able to put on full length ballets but if we don't get the help from ALL parents then we won't be able to continue to offer them and that would be a sad turn of events. Like I said, we have many other opportunities for volunteer jobs that do not require you to be backstage and that you are able to still watch the shows.

Those students new to our show:

Remember that for the day of the performance ALL students need to wear a nude leotard, clean or new pink tights (Bloch T1920G, T0921G, footed tights for the little ones or Capezio 1916x or 1916c.) Bloch T1935g, T0935G, T0981g, T0982G, if they prefer to wear convertible tights and for older girls/adults: T1935L, T0935L,T0981, T0982 or Capezio 1916) Those are all acceptable style and color tights. NO SEAMED or MESH TIGHTS. Clean ballet shoes.

Hair needs to be in a neat bun with a hairnet so that the stray hairs stay tucked into the hairnet and don't look messy. NO COLORED NAIL POLISH ALLOWED. Clear is fine. No jewelry of any kind.

You can find all the things you need at Applause Discount Dancewear in Encinitas. Make sure if you don't have an account there to let them know you are with NCCB to receive 20% off all items you purchase.

I will have a sign up sheet for DVD's of our production at the studio this week.. There is NO photography or video recordings allowed during the show of any kind other than who we hired to tape our shows. One reason for not allowing it is that it can be dangerous to the dancers on stage. You are more than welcome to take pictures before and after the performance.

If we see you taking pictures or videoing we will kindly ask you to stop. Please follow our requests so that we don't have to ban cell phones and cameras in future productions...

We will have lots of photos and videos of each of the shows for everyone to purchase.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Happy week of dancing and good luck to all dancing in the show,



Pre-ballet, Level 1,2,3, rehearsal: 11am-12pm

Level 3 boys, Level 4-10 girls & ALL adults 12pm-4pm

(*We will take small breaks so bring a snack and lots of water)


Level 3 boys, Level 4-10 girls & all adults: rehearsal

Act 1 & Act 2 (performance 1) 4:30pm-8pm


Pre-Ballet, class: 4-4:45pm

Level 6,7,8,9,10, class: 4:45-5:30pm

Level 6,7,8,9,10, pointe class: 5:30-6pm

Level 6,7,8,9,10, & Naomi G., rehearsal: 6-7pm (Mazurka)

Adult class: 7pm-8:30


Level 3 boys, Level 4-10 girls & all adults: rehearsal

Act 1 & Act 2 (performance 2) 4:30pm-8pm


Stage Rehearsal:

Pre-Ballet, Level 1,2,3- rehearsal 4pm-5pm

Level 3 boys, Level 4-10 girls & adults: rehearsal 5pm-9pm



Please arrive by 11am to warm up, put on make up and get into costume.

Once costumes are on the kids those that are supervising the kids make sure they do not

eat in them!