NCCB rehearsal news. Please read

Hello NCCB Parents and Students,

As you all know we had auditions last week. Mr. Tchekachev wanted me to request that ALL students who have not turned in their performance forms do it this Saturday so we know who will be participating in the show so we can begin rehearsals for everyone. If you do not turn in your forms you/your child will not be included in the choreography which starts for some tomorrow! Don't wait, turn it in ASAP.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you,


PS. Level 1,2,3 will have rehearsal starting tomorrow (Saturday, 28th) at 9:45am. Everyone else not in this level does NOT have rehearsals yet. Get those forms in please!!! If you can't make it to turn it in tomorrow please email me to let me know that your child will be participating and when you will be turning the form & fee in to Mr. Tchekachev.