North County Classical Ballet  is a studio dedicated to bringing the beauty of classical ballet via the Vaganova method to the whole community.   Our goal is to instill in our students a passion and a love for the art of classical ballet. 

Vaganova Method

The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet was officially founded in 1738 and became Russia's premier ballet school. Many of the world's greatest dancers and choreographers have graduated from the Vaganova Academy including Anna Pavlova, Galina Ulanova, George Balanchine, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. The Vaganova method is a ballet technique and training system devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova (1879-1951).  It blends elements of traditional French technique from the romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of the Italian school.  The method is designed to work the body as a whole, with total involvement of the body in every movement, and equal attention paid to the upper body as well as the legs and feet. Vaganova believed that this approach increases consciousness of the body, thus creating a harmony of movement and greater expressive range. The training regime for the Vaganova method is complex and rigorously planned to produce a clean, virtuoso technique. The syllabus is characterized by technical precision and attention to detail. Each movement in ballet is systematically broken down into its essential element allowing ease in execution. Due to its strictly codified training system, the Vaganova method is widely considered to be injury-free, if taught correctly. As dancers evolve they gain mastery over their bodies; their movements become graceful and dynamic with the ability to communicate a broad range of human emotion.

We offer:

  • Preparatory Ballet
  • Academy Ballet 1-10
  • Adult Ballet
  • Boys Ballet
  • Private Lessons
  • Choreography for Gymnastics
  • Choreography for Figure Skating
  • Choreography for Ballet Competition
  • Choreography for Modern Ballet
  • Stage Production twice yearly
  • Quinceanera Waltz Choreography

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